If you’ve been checking out my blogs, you’re probably very aware that vascular issues can play an important role in migraines. High blood pressure is a quite common and prevalent disorder just like migraines. Since the two disorders are so common, many patients may have both at the same time. This could just be just coincidental however, there does seem to be an increased incidence of hypertension in patients with migraines. We do not fully understand why this occurs but there are some theories that certain vascular properties found in hypertensions may also occur in migraines. Interestingly, we often use certain blood pressure medications to help reduce the frequency of migraines. If the blood pressure is really increased, it can cause increases in patients that have migraines as well. It is important to have good blood pressure control.  Improved blood pressure control can help with headache control and good blood pressure control is useful to prevent vascular events like stroke and heart attack. Exercise, eat a healthy diet, and follow up with primary care doctor for preventative exams. Your brain will thank you.

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