Jana M.
Submitted 08/10/22
Really listens to concerns. Goes the extra mile in patient support

Jake O.
Submitted 08/07/22
Love going to see not only Dr.Stephens, but her staff they are all so friendly and attentive to their patients needs.

Renia M.
Submitted 08/04/22
She is a great Dr.. .i wish they all was like her

Gladys M.
Submitted 08/03/22
Difficult to reach office by phone

Edna G.
Submitted 07/27/22
Dr. Stephenson always hears your medical concerns. In my case she saved my life and continues to be a great support in my health.

Jason N.
Submitted 07/20/22
Very good

Gloria T.
Submitted 07/18/22
Attentive. Looking at my condition from many many directions. Extremely personable and knowledgeable.

Sabajeta M.
Submitted 07/12/22
Dr Stephenson is a great very kind and helpful neurologist.

Erica D.
Submitted 07/07/22
Page is really great and knows her stuff. So nice n polite really a vital part of Dr Stephensons Practice….

Cathy P.
Submitted 07/06/22
The staff is great. I Love Dr Stephenson!!!

Kari J.
Submitted 06/24/22
Dr. Stephenson is excellent. She takes the time to listen to all information and truly has made me feel like someone is looking at the whole picture. I’ve seen many doctors over the years and she truly is one of the best. And she referred to someone, who was also outstanding. Finally, I feel like someone cares.

Renia M.
Submitted 06/23/22
They have a. Awesome team…..They care of the Patients…..I wouldnt want to go anywhere else..

Tonya R.
Submitted 06/06/22
Dr Stephenson is so attentive to my needs, I drive over 4 hrs to see her and now I bring my Mother to see her. Not only do she take care of her patients, you feel like family once you are there. I really appreciate her. Her bedside manner is what made us comfortable enough to come back and when there is a problem with a staff member I have noticed she weed it out quickly. So the members of her staff is also nice.

Cynthia R.
Submitted 06/02/22
Always there for me

Marquita W.
Submitted 06/02/22
Dr. Stephenson is great!

Hattie D.
Submitted 05/26/22
Excellent, explained and communicated very well.

Brian M.
Submitted 05/25/22
Best neurological care in over 10 years. Happy to be under doctors care.

Vekeshia L.
Submitted 05/17/22
Very friendly and seems genuinely concerned!

Aretha H.
Submitted 05/17/22
Greeted with kindness and concern. Questions answered and information requested was provided. Meeting with Dr. Stephenson was not rushed and I experienced genuine concern for my issue. She advised if she didn’t have the answer, She’ll do everything to get it. Her integrity and honesty was felt and embraced. I feel better now that I’m in her care. Her staff Toya and Diana were Awesome!

Patricia W.
Submitted 05/05/22

Melanie Y.
Submitted 05/04/22
excellent doctor and staff

Carolyn D.
Submitted 04/23/22
Wonderful staff, the er is awesome very detailed and she listens to me

Wayne J.
Submitted 04/21/22
Dr. Stephenson & her staff are very courteous, very professional, very knowledgeable, and extremely caring. Honestly, I consider them family. I am recommending to all my friends and colleges that they seek their neurological needs from Dr. Stephenson. She’s The Best!!!!

Tamara C.
Submitted 04/20/22
She’s listens and always does her absolute best with your health issues.

Penny K.
Submitted 04/18/22
Excellent atmosphere. Everyone was was in a great mood and seemed to really love their job.

Dennis M.
Submitted 04/15/22

Helen C.
Submitted 04/15/22
Dr Stephenson was professional and concerned with my new symptoms. Took actions to immediately help diagnosis the problem.

Ertha P.
Submitted 04/14/22
Very detailed with the matter of the patience and showing how concern she really is.

Jo L.
Submitted 04/07/22
I love Dr. Stephenson and her very attentive staff! They observe things in you, you thought were normal. (i.e. pain and tension)

William B.
Submitted 04/06/22
I just recommended her to another Veteran.

Adrian H.
Submitted 04/03/22
Dr. Sherisse and staff are very courteous and compassionate.

Heather T.
Submitted 04/02/22
Dr. S always takes the time to carefully listen to my symptoms and give thoughtful advice and treatment recommendations.

Cynthia G.
Submitted 03/30/22
I had a very pleasant experience at Dr. Sharrisse Stephenson’s office. The office staff was not only efficient, they were very friendly and accommodating as well. The office is always clean. Dr. Stephenson was quite professional as she administered Botox to my head for the very first time. It was a pleasant experience. Cynthia Graham

Trudy D.
Submitted 03/25/22
It was very very good

Carolyn D.
Submitted 03/24/22
Dr. Stephenson and her team are wondering, I am so happy I found her

Eartha P.
Submitted 03/10/22
Very welcome and patience.

Julie B.
Submitted 03/10/22
Dr. Stephenson’s care and compassion for her patients truly shows. She is professional and courteous. We are thankful to have our daughter in her capable hands.

Brian M.
Submitted 03/04/22
Nice support staff. Dr has asked more questions regarding condition than prior neurologist. Feel like I am finally in good care.

Lois P.
Submitted 03/02/22
DR. Stephenson and her team are just great. I give them the top rating. I am very please with how they treat me as a patient. They are very helpful and friendly. It is a great office atmosphere and I appreciate the doctor who is very responsive and knowledgeable. Lois Parrott

Kimberley P.
Submitted 03/02/22
From the moment you enter the office to after care, the staff is wonderful! Dr. Stephenson listens and is very thorough. Love this office!

Carolyn D.
Submitted 02/22/22
It was great, I love having her as my Dr.

Jo L.
Submitted 02/17/22
Dr. Stephenson and her staff are professional and personable. Dr. Stephenson listens!❤️

Renia M.
Submitted 02/15/22
Very professional and the kindest

Genice E.
Submitted 02/14/22
A nice, courteous, and respectful group. Also prompt.

Deborah W.
Submitted 02/11/22
Great Doctor and Staff. I love and appreciate Doctor and Her Staff.

Eartha P.
Submitted 02/07/22
Patient and concern with her clients.

Jennifer G.
Submitted 01/27/22
Amazing and caring Doctor.

Jason N.
Submitted 12/22/21
This doctor was wonderful and provided amazing treatment. The office staff were very kind and helpful.

Mary W.
Submitted 12/17/21
It’s convenient to communicate with Dr. Stephenson via the portal and tele-appointments. Her staff is kind & helpful as well.

Tami N.
Submitted 12/16/21
Everyone is so friendly and helpful! Dr. Stephenson is one of my favorite Doctors! I have and will continue to refer friends and family!

Rita L.
Submitted 12/09/21
Best staff ever.

Richard R.
Submitted 11/30/21
Great experience Dr Stevenson is always knowledgeable in her field and very nice to her patients

Cindy W.
Submitted 11/29/21
I absolutely fell in love with everyone there. Was treated with kindness and compassion. Dr Stephenson treated me like a person instead of just a patient. Listened to me and was very thorough. I would definitely recommend

Sharon O.
Submitted 11/18/21
Dr. Stephenson is an exceptional Neurologist. She is very precise. She had all types of test ordered to determine the cause of my health problem. When results came back ,Dr.Stephenson reviewed the results with me and answered all my questions. Dr.Stephenson has an amazing staff. I 100% recommend Dr. Stephenson, if anyone needs an Neurologist. She certainly is one of the best.

Patricia F.
Submitted 11/15/21
Quick caring and personal. I could not ask for a better experience!

Emma C.
Submitted 11/07/21
Excellent Dr. Stephenson make sure you understand what’s going and steps making sure you get better.

Rita L.
Submitted 11/02/21
Great Dr! Knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. I love the way she listens to what you have to say and is sensitive to your issues.

Kathleen S.
Submitted 10/22/21
Thorough, sensitive to client’s needs

Allen Lee S.
Submitted 10/21/21
She is very knowledgeable she is personable and listens well

Cynthia Gail R.
Submitted 10/18/21

Wayne J.
Submitted 10/17/21
Dr. Stephenson is very Attentive, Professional, Helpful & Always A Problem Solver. Best Neurologist on the planet hands down!

Lisa W.
Submitted 10/14/21
I got all of my questions answered. Even though MS is not her specialty she is going to reach out to my former Neurologist for answers to questions that I had. She was very kind and helpful.

Jana M.
Submitted 09/29/21
She is a great doctor@

Glenda S.
Submitted 09/21/21
Wonderful! Dr. Stephensons is so caring, nice, respectful, and acknowledgacknowledgeable.

Patricia F.
Submitted 09/14/21
As always Dr Stephenson explains each situation in detail and answers all questions. Her staff treats you with full respect.

Virginia C.
Submitted 09/10/21
Wonderful as always! They helped me to locate the office when I had difficulty finding it, and it was a very productive visit! Thank you for all you do.

Charles J.
Submitted 09/08/21
Phone meeting. Doc answered all my questions and made me feel a lot better. Staff very helpful, professional.

Annette C.
Submitted 09/02/21
I always have great visit with Dr. Stephenson. She is very caring and loving, with me and my with care. Thank you Dr. Stephenson for all you do for me.

Betty H.
Submitted 08/30/21
This was a virtual visit and Dr. Stephenson spent much time explaining and making firm decisions to my ongoing issues. She is caring, and is professional

Mary P.
Submitted 08/05/21
Great as always…thanks for always being kind, caring, and listening.

Priyanka K.
Submitted 07/29/21
Everyone was extremely courteous and knowledge and took the time to answer all my questions and concerns and gave me excellent options to proceed with my issues

Kaci B.
Submitted 07/26/21
Dr. Stephenson was very kind, attentive and professional. Her staff were all nice and the office was very clean! I really enjoyed my visit.

Krista S.
Submitted 07/15/21
Always the best.

Marsha D.
Submitted 07/14/21

Roxanne P.
Submitted 07/09/21
I truly Love Dr. Stephenson. She’s very professional, and she truly cares about her patients.

Susan Carolyn F.
Submitted 07/01/21
Great staff very professional and friendly. Dr. Stephenson was very thorough and listened to all my concerns. Very satisfied with my visit and would certainly recommend Dr. Stephenson.

Sherry B.
Submitted 06/30/21
She’s very helpful and understanding

Cathy P.
Submitted 06/29/21
Very professional. I love my Dr and her staff. They always make me feel welcome

Eliseo D.
Submitted 06/28/21
She is very attentive. She listens to you and will refer to if need be.

Evelyn L.
Submitted 06/24/21
Very welcoming and friendly, very patient, No rushing, and answers all questions.

Danny M.
Submitted 06/22/21
Visit was satisfactory

Jeannette C.
Submitted 06/17/21

Lowell S.
Submitted 06/02/21
She listens. My health is getting much better. Thankful.

Myshundre D.
Submitted 05/28/21
My experiences with Dr Dr. Stephenson is always productive . She listens to me before she makes her finally decisions. I really appreciate her for truly caring.

Maria N.
Submitted 05/19/21
Dr. Stephenson is wonderful. Has been an integral key to my health and sanity! I do not take daily medications, only emergency preventative and have utilized exercises and training to control the uncontrollable. I am glad I found her when I did. Highly recommend.

Guillermo Q.
Submitted 05/15/21
Great experience. Dr. Stephenson is knowledgeable and versed in treating my health issues.

Janice H.
Submitted 04/06/21
I really like Dr. Stephenson because she truly makes me feel heard. She takes the time to “talk” with me to help me.

Tamiqua L.
Submitted 04/02/21
Very knowledgeable and compassionate!

Felicia B.
Submitted 02/27/21
Wonderful doctor. I always feel listened to.

Nickie W.
Submitted 02/26/21

Ashley M.
Submitted 02/22/21
Really liked the doctor, felt hopeful about finding a solution to my issue, felt she was very comprehensive and thorough.

Mysti B.
Submitted 02/14/21
Dr. Stephenson is the best neurologist I’ve ever been to. She’s very knowledgeable and actually cares and tries to help fix the root problem.

Zameshia W.
Submitted 02/04/21
Dr. Stephenson is a very kind and patient doctor. She takes her time, and does not rush through the appointment. She hears all of your concerns and her staff is nice as well.

Gregory D.
Submitted 01/09/21
Dr Stephenson is a very a very well informative and professional Neurologist. She is very concerned with issues that you have. She addresses them and is very informative as she explains them. If tests/meds are needed, she makes sure that you understand why. Not to mention, she is very kind and courteous. If you have questions/problems she tells you to call her at anytime. She is the best Neurologist I’ve ever had. And I’ve had many, many Neurologists. She’s wonderful.

Kim B.
Submitted 12/18/20
During my first visit, Dr. Stephenson was friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I didn’t feel rushed, she is a great listener. Everyone from the front to the back of the office was professional and friendly. She diagnosed the issue and I will follow her treatment, hopefully will feel better soon. Thank you

Clayton F.
Submitted 12/15/20
My meeting today was good!

Margie H.
Submitted 12/09/20
Dr. Stephenson is awesome and through

Emma L.
Submitted 11/04/20
Dr Stephenson One Of The Best Doctors I Know She has so much Compassion and Concern For Her Patients I Appreciate Her for all her concern Excellent Service

Tiffany C.
Submitted 11/02/20
I came here with little to no hope, in finding a provider that would listen to me and allow me to be a part of my care plan. My first visit was very reassuring that I am in great hands. Dr.Stephenson is kind, patient and really listens. I am beyond blessed to have been referred to her for continuity of care. Thank you Dr.Stephenson and staff. I look forward to my follow up appointment.

Dennis M.
Submitted 10/13/20
Takes the time to listen, act, and follow up.

Kylie C.
Submitted 10/06/20
Doctor would recommend her To anybody

Veronica P.
Submitted 10/02/20
Staff and Doctor were great was a wonderful experience.

Linda M.
Submitted 09/29/20
Love this office, their staff, and Dr. Stephenson!

William D.
Submitted 09/23/20
Calm, capable, courteous, altogether competent—that’s how I’d describe Dr Stephenson’s office staff. The doctor herself is that and more: kind, caring, brilliant, totally professional. She’s just the best.

Brandon M.
Submitted 08/25/20
i was early and they got to me earlier than my appointment, everyone was very neat and nice. i felt more comfortable every time i go, thank you

Kathleen S.
Submitted 08/19/20
So thankful to have a doctor that explains things thoroughly and manages my care so well.

Ameenah M.
Submitted 08/06/20
Dr. Stephenson and her staff are awesome. I have never had this level of care before until I met her. Clean office, she takes her time in the visit, answers all questions, very patient doctor. I wish there was more people in the world like her. I’m grateful she found issues that I have been going to the doctor about for years trying to find answers to.

Mary S.
Submitted 07/30/20
Best experience with a Doctor and nice staff

Ashley N.
Submitted 07/24/20
For the first time, I felt heard and not just given a quick run out the door. Im glad I was referred to her

Shelly M.
Submitted 07/14/20
It was great she is helping me

Diana T.
Submitted 06/19/20
Dr. Stephenson is always very responsive, good at explaining things, and is easy to talk to. I definitely trust her with my care!

Linda M.
Submitted 06/11/20
She’s the best! Attentive and very caring.

Sammy T.
Submitted 06/03/20
Our first contact with Dr Stephenson by televisit. My sister needing treatment was impressed by how thorough she is and prompt to initiate a treatment plan. She was kind and personable. We look forward to working with her to help our sister. Her staff has been very responsive and helpful in all mattters so far.

Pamela K.
Submitted 05/21/20
They were all very kind to me .I really appreciate dr. Stephenson very much She’s wonderful! I thank you all very much.

Kari M.
Submitted 04/26/20
Dr Stephenson is awesome! Wonderful bedside manner and empathetic.

Shelly M.
Submitted 04/13/20
Dr. Stephenson is awesome.

Gregory D.
Submitted 04/10/20
Dr Stephenson listened to all my complaints and addressed them to my satisfaction. She is very polite, courteous, and consummate professional. She explained all matters in laymens terms so I could easily understand the matte matters we discussed. I laud her for her professionalism and coutesy. She is like this d?during each of my visits. I would r recommend her to anybody. GREAT JOB DR STEPHENSON!!! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention her staff. They too are are very courteous and professional.

Billy R.
Submitted 03/30/20
Under the circumstances I was very happy

Latoya P.
Submitted 03/24/20

Linda M.
Submitted 03/19/20
I love Dr. Stephenson! She’s so conscientious and helpful. I recommend her to everyone!

Neil R.
Submitted 03/15/20
I always have a great experience.

Annette T.
Submitted 02/27/20
I’ve never had neurologist has attentive, patient, and cares for her patients like her. She makes time to listen to what’s going on with your multiple sclerosis or any issues.

John L.
Submitted 02/26/20
Dr Stephenson is always very respectful and wants to get to the root of the problem, not just ‘bandaid” it and send you on your way. She is full of the latest knowledge and really cares about her patients.

Ameenah M.
Submitted 02/25/20
The Dr.Stephenson is wonderful and she listens to everything you have to say .

Annette T.
Submitted 02/24/20
it wasn’t like no other normal neurologist that just goes in there talk to you really quick and doesn’t it take the time to really know every little thing that’s going on with your body and brain. You can tell she knows what she’s asking and looking for and she takes her patients serious. She cares for her patients I can see that. Not many neurologists are like that. I have yet to meet one

Katherine P.
Submitted 12/19/19
Stress free appt!(rare

Margarita E.
Submitted 12/18/19
The doctor is very nice and professional.

Sofia S.
Submitted 12/16/19
She is very caring and compassionate, she order all test need to figure out my situation immediately. God bless her very much.

Billie T.
Submitted 11/28/19
Dr. Stephenson is compassionate, calming and terrific listener. Wish she was my GP.

Bryan B.
Submitted 11/18/19
Quick, professional and took care of all of my needs. Staff were helpful as well.

Penny T.
Submitted 11/07/19
Dr. Stephenson and her staff are exceptional. The thing that I appreciated the most is that she explained clearly the results of the tests that she and her amazing staff performed. I highly recommend this doctor if you need a neurologist.

Dennis M.
Submitted 11/07/19
Always considerate and attentive. I’m not easy and Doc makes every effort.

Troy C.
Submitted 11/06/19
Great, very thorough, she did not rush. Good bed side manner. She gives you a feeling confidence, very knowledgeable.

Tiffany C.
Submitted 11/04/19
Great, kind doctor.

Margarita E.
Submitted 10/23/19
Dr Stephenson is a very nice neurology. In my first visit I felt relaxed because she treated me with respect . She is very professional taking care of her patients. I like her so much.

Ella B.
Submitted 10/23/19
Excellent! Thorough!

Stephen J.
Submitted 10/16/19
Dr. Stephenson is thoughtful and skilled. She is unique.

Henrietta M.
Submitted 10/15/19
Professional as always.

Regina M.
Submitted 10/08/19
She have patience st heart she listen to what U have say. I’ve seeming her for a couple of YRS. She have help me thru some things I was going thru beside my health issue. I remained her to every N any body. I’m very satisfied having her as my Dr. I’m 61 YRS. Old N she’s giving me lots advice that really have help me. Thank U Dr. Keep up the good work.Thanks

Floyd S.
Submitted 09/27/19
On a scale of 1-10. Ten. Kind. Professional. Insightful. On Point.

Bernard J.
Submitted 09/27/19
Telephone check up

Krista S.
Submitted 09/25/19
Always have a good outcome with Dr Stephenson

Sandra P.
Submitted 09/18/19
Phone appointment. Covered everything I needed to know

Andrea J.
Submitted 09/16/19
Very thorough. Highly recommended.

Trudy D.
Submitted 08/21/19
My visit was great and I feel very comfortable with the way she gives me my Botoxi.

Henrietta M.
Submitted 08/19/19
My experience with the doctor was professional, timely and informative. Will recommend her for neurological help without hesitation.

Terry C.
Submitted 08/13/19
Very thorough and professional with great bed side manners

Maria C.
Submitted 08/07/19
Very good she is my favorite doctor

Linda C.
Submitted 07/25/19
My experience with dr. Stephenson and her staff is the best thing I’ve experienced. The doctor and staff are the best out of all my doctors and their staff that I have been to. They truly care and go above and beyond to make the experience to help me. I am glad they are part of my team .

Mary P.
Submitted 07/18/19
Smooth and easy as always

Toni W.
Submitted 07/12/19
Dr. Stephenson was very pleasant. This was my 1st visit and she took her time to explain everything to me even when i asked the same question over she didn’t hesitate to re explain it. I felt that she is very pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend her to all. Many thanks for a job well done.

Maria C.
Submitted 07/03/19
Very good

Janette B.
Submitted 06/28/19
My experience was informative. Dr. Stephenson very concerned about my health. She took the time to listen to what I had to say about my condition and how I was feeling.

Richard A.
Submitted 06/18/19
Interested and concerned about my be problems. Knowledgeable and professional. Great staff.

Kristin S.
Submitted 06/14/19
I’ve been seeing Dr. Stephenson for about 5 years. She is very caring and competent. She never makes me feel rushed, and I have had positive experiences every time I have visited her office or phoned. I am very grateful to have her taking care of me!

Iva S.
Submitted 06/05/19
I love this doctor! She is plain spoken, makes sure you understand, and explains how your symptoms affect you. Is very understanding and recommend her.

Barbara K.
Submitted 06/03/19
I feel very good because she is very kind spirit and concern.Make you know she really want to take care of you.

Barbara D.
Submitted 06/02/19
Dr. Stephenson is very patient friendly. She takes the time to listen to your questions and explains so that you understand. She goes into detail to explain test results.

Linda C.
Submitted 05/29/19
I was 35 minutes late and dr Stephenson still saw me. She was so kind and caring and saw the desperation on me and worked out a plan to help me. I am so happy she’s my neurologist. She gave me a shot for my migraine and I feel a little better. Dr Stephenson thanks for being there for me and caring.

Dionne J.
Submitted 05/03/19
She is very thorough and gives plain explanations.

Barbara K.
Submitted 05/02/19
I like the overall experience because they are very timely you don’t wait you are in and out

Pablo Z.
Submitted 04/26/19
Unsure at first about doctor but made us feel comfortable and answered all our concerns

Neil R.
Submitted 04/25/19
My experience has always been good

James W.
Submitted 04/23/19
You and your people were very perfesional.thank you so much.

Glenda J.
Submitted 04/15/19
Everyone is so nice they take care Of her patient

Caroline M.
Submitted 04/12/19
Good every time I come

Guillermo Q.
Submitted 04/11/19
Concise and professional.

Magdanely G.
Submitted 01/25/19
Checking in process is so easy and doctor gives you her full attention.